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PSE Management only works with the best of the best. We realize that each individual player has different strengths and weaknesses; therefore we create a customized training program based on your own personal needs. Prior to the combine, we will provide you with the finest personal trainers and position coaches in the country to ensure that you perform at your highest level. PSE Management will assist you every step of the way, from post-season all-star games, the NFL Combine, to your Pro Workout Day, to personal workouts for NFL teams through your eventual selection in the NFL Draft.  PSE Management has access to all of the top training facilities around the country, and has regularly used Athlete’s Performance Institute.  Regardless of whether you prefer the setting of an all-in-one facility, or a “dream team” comprised of the essential components necessary to maximize your peak potential at the Bowl games, NFL Combine and Pro Day:

  • PSE will create a customized and strategic training program based on your specific wants and needs, and oversee this program daily

  • PSE will determine whether or not you should hold individual team workouts, and schedule them for you when appropriate

  • PSE will talk to NFL coaches and general managers to determine your perceived strengths and weaknesses. We will then devise a strategy to enhance and publicize your strengths, and a training and public relations campaign to correct those perceived weaknesses

  • PSE will plan and execute a pre-draft public relations campaign to begin "building your brand"

  • PSE will accompany you every step of the way at post-season all-star games, the NFL Combine and at any and all personal workouts


Your primary focus at the conclusion of your college football season should be the Bowl games, the NFL Combine, your Pro Day and Team Visits. PSE Management's responsibility is to get you from A to Z in the most direct route possible, removing all potential obstacles and hazards, and alleviating the anxiety of the unexpected. PSE Management will provide you with a comprehensive program, which includes a timeline of events so you know each milestone towards which you are working, keeping you goal-oriented and focused on the task at hand.  Next stop…the NFL!

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